Expand transform explore grow learning about ourselves in a safe space is a fundamental aspect on my way to guide you in the path of the kink. It is another aspect Eros.

Im Mrvikthor a tantric body worker, Conscious kink coach, and explorer of the esoteric, Astrologer and Artist and a Master as a guide of shadow aspect of Eros .

I am Mrvikthor, Tantric body worker, Conscious Kink coach and explorer of the Esoteric. A guide in the shadow aspect of Eros. Eros is a primarily life force energy as creation, for the Ancient represent love in a pure form that create the universe . My work encompasses ancient Tantra techniques, Kink and the Esoteric. This combination can open new perspectives to explore your Kink feelings when we see these as the life force energy, Kundalini, in full. A sacred flame that exists within us , waiting to be acknowledged and fully experienced. I work on my Tantra Kink journeys with the stars and the planets where the importance of our personal planets configuration can help to make a session more personal. When I refer to Astrology I refer to the psychological archetypes in our horoscope. Here the planet Venus represents love, desire and sensuality while Mars refers to the more primitive forces and impulses that help us achieve what we want. The Moon will talk about our feelings and the Sun, whom we are and the full potential that we have to develop. Saturn rules our fears, obstacles and taboos, Jupiter, our desire to expand and grow, and Mercury, our mind. This all links to the Chakra system the center of energy within the body in Indian tradition . Welcome to Tantra kink and astrology .

What is kink

Kink is the aspect of Eros that represents our taboos. It is a practice that includes BDSM, fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing and everything that is out of the norm and considered a deviation in our sexual behaviour. Being able to express our kink and explore it in a safe, sane and consensual way is what my work as a coach is dedicated to. By enjoying what we like can make us more content and can be an extraordinary tool in our personal growth. In accepting oneself as someone that enjoys Kink is not always easy in that it can  be seen as bad and obscure and may conceal things we repress. This is why my work is focused on seeking the light in the shadows. I can help you navigate these dark places and encourage you to to accept who you are in a very safe way.


Tantra is a 4000 year old philosophy that originated in the Far East in India. It teaches us the ability to reconnect with our senses, to become more aware of our physical body and to discover, manage and use the natural energy within each of us. It teaches us five important tools that help us develop as a person, connecting mind, body and spirit. We learn about meditation and we work with the physical body through Asanas (yoga). We practice breathing techniques (Pranayamas) and develop a better awareness of the body through touch and massage. Rituals that help us to conect to the spiritual aspect by aligning our mind and body with with the forces beyond . These techniques are central to my work with Kink sexuality so as to understand one of the most important teachings of Tantra: transformation of ourselves on the quest to finding our true purpose.

The esoteric . What is Astrology

Astrology is the study of the movement of the planets and their influence on events on Earth and in our lives. It is inextricably linked to the history of human evolution; as old as humanity itself. Man has long looked to the skies for anwers to questions on life on Earth. The first written evidence of Astrology and the Zodiac, as we know it, was in Chaldea, Babylon, arond 3000BC where the astrologer was called the Magus. They began to observe and record the movement of the planets and stars. In time these studies would mix with Egyptian astrology and the Greeks would help spread these ideas as far as India, where Western and Eastern astrology met. This evolution of Astrology gave birth to various methods of interpretation, or different schools. In my practice I mostly use the psychological, evolutionary astrology that open a door to interpretations that help us to evolve , looking at the chart with a positive and hopeful eyes . In a session with me I will cast your birth chart and choose, as much as possible, a specially beneficial time or election for it to happen. 

My expertise with Kink and Tantra is directly connected to the  spiritual path, this is why I call it My Sacred Kink.

The Hero in restraint : a overview in Sacred kink