Víctor Ormazábal (Chile 1969 )

When I was 11 years old, I presented my first public performance… a poem, and my teacher told me: “You were born for this”. Something I never forgot and have always lived up to. Several years later, while studying history at the university,  frustration forced me to drop my studies and join a theatre group.  There i began an unstoppable career in the arts, first as a dramatic actor  and then as a theatre designer and theatre director.

Life brought me to Europe for a theatre costume workshop in Madrid, after which i went to Barcelona where i found a new destination, the Ship of Fools. This was a sailing theatre company from AMSTERDAM and I soon became the director for 11 years. There I met my partner, together with whom I created a new theatre project  based in the city of Amsterdam, Olifanttakeover in 2009.  Our work has focused on the exploration of sexuality as its main theme, EROTIC COMEDY with (almost) no limits. Our stories and characters are inspired  by all kinds of sexual practices, where the imaginary, the kinky and the bizarre find there full expression. Through this work I came in contact with the kinky scene and Bondage, something that became a new  passion. A place where sensuality and art meet.Soon, what once was theatre, become reality.

Olifanttakeover   erotic theatre amsterdam
OLIFANTTAKEOVER erotic theatre Amsterdam

Shibari bondage is a great source of inspiration for me. Art and fetish were united in the scene and in my private life. Very soon, in my research, I found Tantra, the link that connects with the spiritual side that I was missing. The inner body, emotions, and spirit now connected with the outer one of bonds and knots in a real and direct line. So I began my new path of Tantra. I took my first classes with Anand Rudra and a new world opened up to me were all I had done before connected. I became first a tantric masseur, but before long my kink was all around tantra and that world became sacred. This led inevitably to Sacred Kink, a new source of inspiration and study where i find joy on the approach the kink from a different angle, as like translating the kink to and tantric language. I now give regular private sessions in my studio in Amsterdam and continue to perform my erotic comedy in different venues in The Netherlands and abroad.