My Images

My images

Time stand still,  a glimpse into the passage of time, a memory, a reminder of whom we where . Photography  was invented in the year  1822  and the planet  Neptune was discovered on 1846, is that why  photography is  connected  to the archetype of Neptune the god of the seas . Neptune stand for  images, new magic  worlds and fantasy,  dreams, altered states of mind, moving images like films , in tantra  Neptune  is conected to the 7 chakra and supraconscious. When i work on my images i had very much in mind what is  the feeling of the moment, the fantasies you can generate and awake in others, the beauty we can create with ropes and naked bodies, even if the images are related to the dark side of Eros and  the subconscious desire, there is beauty to explore .  As a kinkster and an artist i see my model ,my sub, as a precious enchanted object and im the Magician  that will show out the beauty in you  as a way to  empower you.    Mysacredkink.