A kinkY Tale

John de Baptist

Sunny days are very seldom in Amsterdam and when we are granted one of those rare days the only possible thought could be; “Lets go and swim!”. But, and yes there is a ‘but’, this won’t be a swimming day but a sunny afternoon for a submissive mission.

He was on time, nervous and excited. We looked at each other for a moment, I met him at the bus stop and I said, “follow me!”  The man had many questions to be answered, all of them concerning safety. He was a married man and very concerned about marks and blue spots. We took a walk in a nearby park and he talked and talked.  “You have nothing to fear!“ said the master. The man was in his early 70’s. Had a wife, older children and a grandson, and I was his secret.

“I want you to take control, Master. I want you to spit in my face, spank my arse hard, let me be your toy. You can do what ever you want. I only want to please you.” said the man.

“I will visit the museum in Amsterdam” the man had told his wife. He was an amateur painter so the excuse would work. He would have instead a museum of ropes and toys. We sat in the park and when I saw that he was calm and silent, a moment of solitude with no person in sight, the master put his hand on the back of the old man’s naked neck, moving down his back and he shivered. Silence surrounded that spot and looking straight into his eyes I could see that he was ready. “Let’s go, we are going to begin!”  There was no need for words anymore. We walked to the apartment, the master opened the door, and showed him the play room.

“Take off your clothes and wait!”

Naked in the room he had time to see every toy on display in the cabinet, ropes hanging at the side, latex masks, and a bed.  The master entered. “Drink this water.” he said! He had put on his favourite music and began to blindfold the submissive man’s eyes, so he was able only to feel the touch of the master’s hands. Hands that slowly touched the naked old body. He had a firm arse for his age and when that hand when on to touch down there between the legs, he saw tiny little drops of semen pre-cum dripping out his dick. Again he shivered. And then the ropes and submissive hands where offered to the master and the hands were bound and then he was his. The ritual began. 

Then come the whips, different sizes for different touch and when the whip struck his arse hard he murmured a subtle sound from his mouth and he wept. He seemed like a child. A 70 year old child liberated from his prison in a hot play room in Amsterdam. The master’s hand slapped his face and he wept once more.

Than came the plugs, dildos and other toys. He hung there for a stranger, for the merciful care of his master. He was fully restrained  yet he was free. “You want some water?” asked the master. “Yes sir!” replied the sub.

Time passed quickly on that hot afternoon. The master gave him water but then something happened, like a divine inspiration. An idea came to the master. The sub was kneeling on the floor in full bondage, arms stretched up hanging from the ceiling. The master held him in his arms and poured the rest of the water   onto the sub’s head and body, water on his face, falling down his naked body, water all around, and he wept again, one last time.  John the Baptist had entered the room.