Power play . Surrender

 Pluto is  the planet that  represents in astrology  the descending to our  dark zone, Pluto stand for  dead and rebirth, transformation  and power, when we call  Pluto to our experience   we can say that we are  playing with power  and we surrendering to that  archetype .

To enter in this l dimension, we need  first to ask ourselves , why i will like to surrender, what is in there for me, is something that will help me to grow ? because Pluto will ask you  to give up something, to gain something new. When i work with Domination and submission i fully put the focus in a growing process, imagen  we are  together cleaning  out your house to make space for the new, we have to trash what is not useful anymore , that  can be sometime  emotional and  painful, we have awaking  a sleeping dragon that protect the gold that is hidden in the depth of a cave, with this allegory what i refer to, is that we have to confront our fears, to be able to acces that treasure, that is waiting for us .And you can be surprise because sometime  can be a explosion of joy and a real new way to see yourself in life .

When i work  with surrender, i very much became the guide in to that dark underworld territory, i fully engage on helping to experience that we longing for in a safe way, sometime we want to experience pain, sometime we want to be fully restricted  with ropes or  chains, sometimes we want  to be  left alone in a cage. or sometimes we just need the strong embrace of the Dominant archetype that hold the space for you . As guide  and magictian i will help you in your journey, bringing support, guidance, safety,  grounding  and above all learn to enjoy you to be diferent to the conventional and see that kink can be  a very rich aspect that can help you grow.in your relationship and communication. 

 Domination /submision , surrender  is one aspect of kink that is known as B.d.s.m,  Dominants and submisives found themselves on a ship where one cant be without the other, like opposite forces that attract themselves and establish a very singular path to follow.  I want to refer this to forces  as active  and passive, masculine and feminine  or the opposite Yin and Yang, shiva and shakti energy, by being able to understand  Domination and submission  play as an encounter of energy, we open the door  that will bring us to a new path to explore with no fear .

Domination∞Submission and beyond

The masculine and the feminine as natural forces in all of us must be understood not as a gender, man and women but as polarities, energies with their own specific characteristics.   The masculine energy ( Yang, shiva) connects with the rational aspect and behavior, action and decisions, physical power, the world of reason and the Conscious, the Sun, and daylight.

The Feminine energy ( yin, shakti)   connect with intuition, emotions, inspiration, and the subconscious is passive and receptive energy, represented by the moon and the night.  Sun and moon, day and night are part of the wheel that moves through time and space, where we can never escape because in that unity relay existence.   The balance of the two forces within ourselves is the challenge that life presents to all of us, the equilibrium of my masculine and my feminine.   If we imagine Domination and submission like the encounter of these two forces, then we are able to offer a very different way to experience power exchange, giving a new intention to the play and our awareness, expression which will can only benefit.