Reflexion about stones

Chain bondage come to me through my slave boy passion on the heavily restricted way of restraining with chain, and locks. Soon I begging to enjoy the feeling of full chain restrain by being a dedicated Kee holder. But also as a tantric man, I love to make connections with the spiritual aspect of human personality and giving and intention to the action, seeing on this bondage expression a ritual of a deep effect on the submissive partner, a door to complete surrender and a place where the soul find rest, lower chakras connecting with higher chakras, and in the esoteric aspect, i see steel chain and lock as and earth element , a magic stone that as being made chain by Vulcano, Hefaistus, greek god the made the magic instrument for the olympian gods, and the chains of Prometheus, the titan that steal the fire from the gods to give it to the human race and he got chain into a Caucasus mountain , sacrifice for human race knowledge. Here we are talking about archetypes, earth element, the first chakra Muladhara. Then we can say that this Prometheus chain into my dungeon bed is liberating himself from his real-life chain and access peace sleep on dreamland Agna 6 chakra.