Light in Dark side

The Dark Side, the shadow ( C.G.Jung ) the forbidden zone where many aspect of sexuality remain hidden , fare from the eyes of rigid moral well behave society standard. Dark Eros, is there and is not going away, will always want to come out to be present as part of whom you are. The forever long dichotomy between the spirit and the flesh , the good and the bad, light and dark all part of the same coin, like day and night, one can’t be without the other. Let gaze to the shadow with no fear, there is a lot from one can learn. Surfing the waves of Dark Eros


Ropes my spiritual path

As Master K  said in his book, The beauty of kinbaku ,  ” … give pleasure and express gratitude and affection to a beloved partner through the techniques of Kinbaku ,is the adjective spiritual really that inappropriate? frankly …the sacred space seems more than fitting. ”   Ropes are connected to a very old  Japanese religion called Shinto, sacred ropes were used to mark spaces, where was believe that the spirits of deity reside .  on my personal way of practicing ropes bondage ( kinbaku) Sacred space become a central part of my journey, the submissive partner is encapsulated with ropes and elevated to the status of sacred , where a spiritual bond with is master increase through trust and activate sexual energy wich in combination with tantric techniques, like breathwork  , yoga positions, and  a set  intension , elevate the journey from lower to higher chakra , pleasure connects with the heart, the surrendering man frees himself by restraining and lets his master to hold the space, that had become sacred.