Ropes my spiritual path

As Master K  said in his book, The beauty of kinbaku ,  ” … give pleasure and express gratitude and affection to a beloved partner through the techniques of Kinbaku ,is the adjective spiritual really that inappropriate? frankly …the sacred space seems more than fitting. ”   Ropes are connected to a very old  Japanese religion called Shinto, sacred ropes were used to mark spaces, where was believe that the spirits of deity reside .  on my personal way of practicing ropes bondage ( kinbaku) Sacred space become a central part of my journey, the submissive partner is encapsulated with ropes and elevated to the status of sacred , where a spiritual bond with is master increase through trust and activate sexual energy wich in combination with tantric techniques, like breathwork  , yoga positions, and  a set  intension , elevate the journey from lower to higher chakra , pleasure connects with the heart, the surrendering man frees himself by restraining and lets his master to hold the space, that had become sacred.