Master and servent

 I will always remember subMitch  total immersion in role play ,the first time he come in , simple protocol ,coming in silence  blindfold waiting for me , he even didn’t meet me in real ,the all connection was online ,and everything was agree upon ,he knew was he was doing ,and is was ready to stop if he feels that  there was not connection , but as a tantrika  and bdsm Dom i know my way around too,and  i know  that first step  is creating and atmosphere of trust that aloud  the  game to flow ,there for  first start tantric touch was perfect ,and first simple knots follow,and he knew tha safe hands have being taking control so he could , give control and  fly , was wonderful and important to recognise on a true sub partner what require from his side to make things work as well ,because being sub is not just remains there and accept quietly, or spect that everything will be than fore him the way he wants and like , (  the sub  menu) there was not the case , was a perfect combination of two souls  that knew perfectly well their roles and  let that beautiful intense  afternoon , where master and servant  could f fly .

The video that follows is made as a task, assignment that my actual slave boy have to do when he was on a trip in Germany, just to add some spice and fun to the journey,but what relay underneath is a true connection in master/slave relationship where time and space are not important anymore but the connection we have. This is another aspect of BDSM power exchange dynamic

Restrain …

By giving up control he let his soul free,an ecstaic dance of sensuality and lust,nothing matters anymore,there is no past no future but an eternal present to embrace with Joy